Essential Therapeutic Oils

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Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils

We offer high quality essential oils (the same essentials we use in our soap and lotion products) for less due our ability to purchase in bulk from top manufactures. We don’t have multi-level distribution, offer gift items, hold seminars or use fancy packaging. Our oils come from the manufacturer and are repackaged in 1 and 0.5 ounce bottles. The savings from low overhead is passed on to consumers. Our oils come with the same money back guarentee as our other products.

Note: Essential oils are highly concentrated and may cause irritation to skin. We recommend always performing a test patch on skin surface prior to application. This is accomplished by placing several drops of a carrier oil (Jojoba, Coconut or Virgin Olive oil) to skin surface. Add a small drop of essential oil and mix with finger tip. If irritation occurs, add additional amount of carrier oil. If irritation persists cease useage and clean off skin area.


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